Political responses about the censorship of esoteric material

Two politicians, two very different responses when contacted on their view about the impending UK censorship of esoteric material.

The response on the left is reflective, logical and inspiring! It’s awesome to see that at least one person in the government is fighting for us! And if there is one, there must be more who will do the same!

The response on the right is a brush off, indicative of what is wrong with the government these days. This is what we’re going to have to overcome as we move forwards.

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This is what we want to hear!

You have Human Rights, but only if we say you do..

This is a lawyers’ perspective of the response on the right.
It’s Article 9 for freedom of religion, not 8. And while human rights are subject to limitations, it is not the case that every legitimate restriction is necessary. The letter, intentionally or not, conflates the two. Also, I don’t think it’s right that the government delegates the power to determine to content of filtered categories to a private company and then merely asks them to “progress the issue”.

After all, if I’m not mistaken, the Council of Europe recommends that states take measures to prevent Internet censorship both by public authorities and private companies. The suggested Internet filters do not appear to provide sufficient safeguards. Even if the filters can be removed easily by individual users at home, it is not at all clear how will the Internet service providers be supervised in determining which website gets filtered out for those who choose to keep the filters on or simply do not remove them.This is important since the “necessary” bit requires that human rights restrictions be narrow.

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